I'm really enjoying all of the Valentine's day freakouts on the internet. Some people are upset, some people are arguing with those people who are upset, some people are saying things about what Valentine's day means to them (really?).

Reddit has a post called "Sometimes, Valentine's Day Matters" with a bunch of sholock. That one really shows the poster's age too because the thing about student council carnations can't still be going on, can it? If it is still going on, it doesn't actually mean anything, it couldn't possibly. Even when I was in school that was a way to send inside jokes and weird puns to friends in other classes. It wasn't taken seriously at all. 


My Latin class sold heart shaped lollipops that said "Te Amo". Which is both Latin and Spanish for "I love you". My Latin teacher didn't like sharing it with the Spanish classes because there was no lollipop order form for Latin. I took 3 years of Latin and every year around this time we'd get to hear insane stories about Lupercalia. I'm sure that was more fun than the work the Spanish classes had to do that day.

Don't be upset, internet. Valentine's Day is about puns, candy and sharing image macros with your friends. 

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