It's no secret that I'm a huge Nick Denton fan. I'd totally hang out with him and definitely let him pet my dog. I think Kinja is smart

It's the natural evolution of blogging. People used to publish their thoughts to their own sites. Then blogging got big, things like the Huffington Post came along and proved there was amateur content out there that people wanted to read. Then the lines blurred between crowdsourced, amateur and professional. (Richard Lawson, one of my favorite Gawker writers of all time was found via the Gawker commentiariat) 


It just makes sense to provide the ability for commenters to have a longer form opportunity to voice their thoughts. Personally, I rarely ever comment because I found the system confusing. Kinja posting seems simple, so I'm on board. I was an old school LiveJournal user and I think that Kinja will occupy a similar space in providing an interesting mix of community to follow and view. I'm really hoping the Gawker sites will do a round up of great posts occasionally so I can find other people to follow. 


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